The Best Time of Year To Schedule Your Teeth Cleaning
December 20, 2018
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dental exam reminder circled on calendar

Having your teeth cleaned every six months isn’t always at the top of everyone’s priority list. However, when you do make it in for a dental appointment, we want you to have the very best experience possible. One of the first steps to a great dental experience is to schedule your visit for the right time.

So when exactly is the perfect time of year to schedule your cleanings? We’ve listed our top appointment pointers for planning your routine cleanings and exams to help you avoid emergency visits.

Dental Offices Have Busy Seasons Too

Did you know that dental offices, like many other businesses, have busy seasons and slow seasons? Some of our busiest times of year include:

  • End of summer. New patients are most likely to join a practice at the end of summer in preparation for a new school year.
  • Spring break. As schools and children approach spring break times, our appointment books fill up quickly.
  • End of the year. December is often one of the busiest months out of the entire year. Children being on winter break from school and college students being home for the holidays creates the ideal time for parents to schedule appointments without missing any school. Many adults are also trying to use the rest of their remaining dental benefits at the end of the year.

The Best Time of Year to Schedule Appointments

You’re likely to have a more relaxed dental visit with more undivided attention by waiting to schedule your bi-annual cleanings and exams for:

After Labor Day. Labor day is typically the point during the summer when children go back to school. Most parents prefer not to have their children miss any school for dental appointments, especially at the beginning of the school year. Waiting until after the back-to-school rush is over will allow you to schedule an appointment at the most convenient time for your schedule.

Late Spring. Just as parents often do not want their children missing any school in the fall, the same rule usually applies for right after Spring break and right before school is out of session for the year.

Early Winter. The holidays can be a busy time for families. People are often more focused on food preparations, family gatherings, and holiday celebrations rather than on teeth cleanings.

The Ideal Time of Day

Dental offices are often busiest on Monday, with Tuesday and Thursday being runners-up. Only five percent of dentists said that Wednesday was their “busiest day of the week,” indicating that Wednesday or Friday are great days for scheduling a professional cleaning, routine exam, or other treatments. Dental practices are also open all day, so you’re more likely to get an alert, well-rested doctor in the morning versus the last appointment of the day.

When to See a Dentist

While, scientifically speaking, it might seem to be best to schedule a 9 am appointment on a Friday, Premier Dental Center will provide exceptional care whenever you come in. The most important factor is your dental health. You should schedule an appointment as soon as possible if:

  • A dentist has not seen you in more than six months
  • You are suffering from a toothache, sore gums, or any other troubling symptoms
  • You are having difficulty with eating, drinking, or speaking
  • You require a dental treatment or procedure you have been putting off

It’s always a wonderful time to come in and see us as far as we’re concerned! Are you ready to schedule your next visit? Contact Premier Dental Center today to schedule your next cleaning and exam.

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