Stop Receding Gums in Their Tracks
October 2, 2017

When you’re watching your gum line retreat, it’s normal to feel some panic. For many people, this happens so gradually that you don’t  notice the changes until your gum line has already changed dramatically. What can you do about your gums looking like they’re heading for the hills? The first step is meeting with a […]

This Home Gum Disease Treatment is Changing Lives
September 26, 2017

Preventing gum disease could be as simple as wearing a tray 10 minutes a day! You’ve made it through gum disease and emerged on the other side. With the work that you and your dentist have completed to make it to this happy place, you want to do everything possible to avoid recurring gum disease […]

Does Getting a Dental Implant Hurt?
September 12, 2017

There are many reasons why patients hesitate to pursue dental implants. Some are concerned about the potential cost. Some are worried about the healing period. And others are simply hoping to avoid the discomfort. Fear of pain is one of the primary causes of dental anxiety – but it doesn’t need to control you. Learning […]


  We’re always learning more about how our mouths and entire bodies are linked. These discoveries guide changing recommendations as to how we can best care for our health. And emerging research about gum disease and heart disease could lead to entirely new recommendations in the not-so-distant future. A variety of studies have suggested that […]

Dentists’ Top Oral Hygiene Hacks
August 14, 2017

Brushing and flossing can feel like a big chore. But with a new approach, your oral hygiene can become more efficient, more effective, and even rewarding. Think about your own brushing & flossing history. You learn how to clean your teeth when young, and then spend your life using those techniques. Isn’t it time for […]


Been putting up with a sore tooth? It might be time to stop putting on a brave face and get in touch with your dentist. But how can you tell whether the problem is going to improve on its own, or if it’s something that you need to tackle with the help of a professional? […]


Your jaw is more delicate than you may realize. Consider all that your jaw is responsible for on a daily basis: biting, chewing, speaking, and more. It moves in many different directions and the joints are incredible versatile. In order to accomplish all that, your jaw relies on an interconnected group of moving parts. They […]

How to Find Affordable Dental Implants
May 9, 2017

Knowing that dental implants are the best option for your tooth replacement is one thing. But being ready to bring implant placement into reality is another – and might feel like a strain on your finances. Many implant patients need to rearrange their budget in order to be able to incorporate implant surgery and the […]

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