Pregnancy is a time of change, growth and development. But while you may be incredibly conscious of your growing child, your teeth may not get the same attention. And oral health during pregnancy is actually crucial. We know that there are countless concerns you’re juggling in this special time before your baby arrives, but making […]

What Your Home Dental Care Might Be Missing
March 1, 2017

You’re doing everything possible to prevent dental problems – but cavities are still popping up at exams. Where are you going wrong? In truth, there’s probably nothing you’re doing poorly (unless it’s an accident) – but there are a few ways you can change your approach to add positive input. Plus, we don’t always think […]

Does My Child Have Impacted Wisdom Teeth?
February 15, 2017

If your teenager is nearing age 18, there’s a whole slew of things you’re considering. College applications, high school graduation, and a potential move far from home all taking serious consideration. Just make sure you’re not overlooking another turning point. This age is typically when wisdom teeth begin to erupt – and when they start […]

When Teeth Whitening is The Perfect Treatment
February 14, 2017

If your smile is looking a little under the weather, you’ve likely been browsing cosmetic options online. Don’t get distracted by the dozens of options. While many dental treatments offer dramatic results, you might be overlooking a simple treatment with more benefits than you’d expect. Teeth whitening unleashes the full power of your smile, and […]

How To Halt Receding Gums
January 22, 2017

Noticing a little more tooth when you smile in the mirror? Receding gums happen to many of us, and are a clear sign that something’s changing in our mouths. For many patients, gum recession is a marker of periodontal disease. For others, a changing gum line means something completely different. And for all of us […]


So you’ve decided to try dental implants! The period ahead will be exciting, restorative and life-changing – but proceeding carefully will help make it as fulfilling as possible. When you’re ready to move forward with implants, you want a provider at your side who can serve as your guide and ally. And finding that implant […]

Make Your Next Dental Emergency a Breeze
December 20, 2016

A dental emergency is stressful, inconvenient, and a day-ruiner – right? If you approach your next chipped tooth or cracked filling a little differently, you might find yourself changing your tune. Being prepared for your emergency will help you keep things in perspective. With a quick dental appointment, your tooth could be whole again – […]


First time thinking about dental implants? There are exciting steps ahead – and plenty of discussions, too. Finding a dental implant expert is the first step toward your permanent tooth replacement. But arming yourself with a little knowledge before your first consultation never hurts. There’s no one-size-fits all implant that’s going to work for all […]

Why Bad Breath Can Be a Big Deal
November 28, 2016

Feel like bad breath is nothing special? It’s true – we all experience smelly breath at one point or another. The morning is an especially vulnerable time, when we tend to wake up with something stinky in our mouths. But there’s a big difference between chronic bad breath and the occasional off day. If you […]

5 Simple Daily Steps to Prevent Tooth Loss
November 1, 2016

Tooth loss is much more than just a hole in your smile. While the aesthetic ramifications are serious, it’s what comes next that makes tooth loss so grave. The loss of a tooth is significant, and summons feelings of age, loss of function, and social discomfort. Daily activities become more difficult, with chewing and speaking […]

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