Naperville Winter Coat & Accessory Drive
December 11, 2018

Happy holidays! We’re celebrating with something extra special to give back to the Naperville community. Premier Dental is holding a winter coat and accessory drive through the end of December. We’re accepting not just coats, but any accessories that will help keep folks warm through the frigid Chicago months. If you are interested in participating, […]


Experiencing tooth pain is usually caused by problems within the teeth or jaws. The degree of tooth pain can range from mild to excruciatingly painful depending on the underlying cause. While your initial reaction to a toothache may be to assume you have a cavity, there are also other known origins of tooth pain that […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Always Brush Your Tongue
October 24, 2018

It’s more likely than not that you already know to keep your teeth and mouth healthy you should be brushing them twice a day, flossing once a day, and visiting the dentist for regular professional cleanings. However, how often do you remember to clean your tongue during your oral hygiene routine? Why Your Tongue Needs […]


Your baby’s or child’s teeth are essential to their overall health and development. The shape and structure of those first teeth will determine how comfortable your child will be able to eat, speak and smile. Baby teeth grow in and act as placeholders for your child’s permanent teeth. If a child’s baby teeth come in […]

10 Reasons To Smile Every Day
October 6, 2018

One of the most cost-effective ways to boost your health, your mood, your longevity, and even your success is to invest in your smile. Your smile does a lot more for you than just simply letting the world know you’re happy. By choosing to smile, happy changes start to occur automatically in your life in […]

Knowing Your Risk of Developing Oral Cancer
October 1, 2018

Every year, the death rate from oral or throat cancer surpasses other common cancers, including cervical cancer, testicular cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, thyroid, and skin cancer. The extremely high death rate results from the fact that most oral cancers go undiagnosed until the disease is well advanced. Once cancer has spread to the lymph nodes in […]

Making The Most of Your Dental Insurance Plan
August 27, 2018

When it comes to dental insurance and what is actually covered under your specific policy, many patients are unaware of what their coverage details really are until they’re standing at the billing desk of their dental office. Policies can vary between two different patients within the same company that provides their insurance, so making sure […]

Dental Health For Patients Over 60
August 19, 2018

As our bodies age and as we get older, the daily wear and tear becomes more evident. Patients over the age of 60 enter a second round of cavity prone years with one of the main causes being dry mouth. But experiencing dry mouth isn’t as much as a normal part of aging as it […]

How to Find a Qualified Implant Specialist
July 29, 2018

Looking to get an implant? You’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed over choosing the right dental specialist. While overwhelming at first, having the right resources will help in making the right decision for whom to see for your implant procedure. Unsure where to start? Here’s what to look for in a dental implant specialist and […]


Typically between the ages of 17-21, most young adults can expect for their wisdom teeth to begin to emerge in their mouths. Your third molars, more commonly known as your wisdom teeth, come in on the top and bottom of both sides of your jaw, and many people don’t have enough room in their jaws […]