As we age, we lose some control over our skin. Over time, new lines and folds appear on our faces and we can’t seem to change that. It’s the way we feel about these wrinkles that compels us to seek wrinkle solutions. Facial lines make us feel older, less attractive, and take the pep out of our steps. We don’t like that. But neither do we want to completely freeze the aging process via extreme plastic surgery. Patients who aren’t looking for dramatic changes but would merely like to ease a few lines have found answers in Botox and dermal fillers.

Botox Treatment Smoothes Frown Lines

When we focus on our work, fall deep into thought, or frown with frustration, lines form across our foreheads and between our brows. Some are able to relax their faces when concentrating, but many more are unable to release those muscles, or contract them subconsciously.

Botox functions by blocking nerve impulses to those troublesome muscles, halting them from contracting. The skin typically pulled by those muscles will be allowed to relax and heal, smoothing out the lines across its surface. Botox only blocks the muscles your dentist has targeted, meaning you will still be able to emote normally.

No matter your stress level, that stress will not be able to create lines on your forehead. Your work shouldn’t have to show on your face.
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Dermal Fillers Create Rounder, Youthful Skin

Dermal fillers don’t affect your facial muscles like Botox. Rather, fillers create new volume directly beneath your outermost layer of skin. This volume plumps cheeks, lips, or other areas of skin, and reduced the lines that formerly lay across the area.

Fillers are versatile and can minimize a wide variety of wrinkles, including:

  • – Nasolabial folds (laugh lines)
  • – Vertical lines above and below lips
  • – Lines around the nose

Dermal fillers are also commonly used for lip enhancement. The effects of fillers will create fresh youthfulness across your face without making you look like anyone other than yourself.

Do you possess a few wrinkles that have taken a toll on your self confidence? Botox and dermal fillers could put you back in a satisfied place. Contact our office to discuss facial aesthetics.

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