Your Best Bet for a Gum Disease-Free Future
July 6, 2016

Naperville gum disease preventionFight off gum disease with daily flossing – prevention is as simple as good oral hygiene!

Between the immediate and future impact that gum disease can have on your teeth, gums, and entire body, you know that it’s to be avoided. But where do you start? Break down your gum disease prevention into daily steps to make the entire endeavor feel manageable. If you’re ever looking for advice on caring for your healthy gums, just get in touch – we’ll help you find the products and habits that work for you.

 Simplify Your Gum Disease Prevention

If you have a history of periodontal disease, prevention might feel hopeless. But if you spend just a few minutes considering your gums each day, you really can keep disease from returning. Incorporate these habits into your life for a disease-free smile:

  • Brush regularly – You know that you should brush at least twice daily – but do you always hit that mark? The primary cause of gum infection and inflammation is plaque buildup. If you brush often and well, you can avoid that at home. Just make sure you’re brushing properly, and that you’re not skipping brushing sessions.
  • Get into flossing – Many patients don’t floss unless they’ve got an exam coming up. We understand that floss can feel like an extra annoyance, but it really does make a difference. Floss reaches areas of your teeth up against your gum line that a toothbrush doesn’t always access. Flossing also strengthens your gums to help them resist inflammation.
  • Monitor your gums – You spend more time with your teeth than anyone else – make sure you’re quick to react if something seems off. Especially if you’re aware of what to look for…
  • Get familiar with gingivitis symptoms – Knowing the early symptoms of gingivitis will help you understand when it’s time to schedule an appointment. Be on the lookout for gums that are bleeding, dark red or purple, tender, receding, puffy, or otherwise looking different from normal.
  • Schedule dental exams – You should visit the dentist every six months, and potentially more often if you have a history of gum disease. If you’re not certain whether it’s time for an appointment, get in touch to check.
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