What Your Home Dental Care Might Be Missing
March 1, 2017
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You’re doing everything possible to prevent dental problems – but cavities are still popping up at exams. Where are you going wrong? In truth, there’s probably nothing you’re doing poorly (unless it’s an accident) – but there are a few ways you can change your approach to add positive input. Plus, we don’t always think about certain harmful forces (like stress or tobacco), and focus more strongly on sugar and acidic drinks. These are still problematic, but you need a well-rounded anticavity attack to really make a difference.

What’s the first step in putting together your new, tooth-forward way of thinking? With this easy-to-digest infographic! We have some common areas for improvement listed below; see if any fit with your life. No matter the changes you’re hoping to make, we’re here to serve as your allies. Schedule your next dental exam today to talk to Dr. Zymantas about your oral health and pick up some personalized recommendations.

Easy Dental Tips for Busy Patients

Show Your Teeth Some

Keeping Your Oral Health Approach Simple

You don’t have to make a conscious effort to think about your teeth and gums every minute of every day to see great results. But since it is daily efforts that add up to long-term health, you want to take some overarching concepts like the ones above under consideration. These tips will improve more than just your oral health. In the case of quitting tobacco, that has benefits for your entire body and your lifespan. Reducing stress will improve your sleep and mood, and lower your likelihood of additional health or emotional problems.

Your teeth are connected to the rest of your body in more ways than you might expect.

If you’re ready to make some changes and looking for help, get in touch today.


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