How to Rid Yourself of Dental Anxiety
December 11, 2013
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Naperville sedation dentistryChildren typically don’t like visiting the dentist. It’s not very much fun, it’s frightening, and treatment can be uncomfortable. Unfortunately, many children grow into adulthood without shaking this anxiety. And because a fear of the dentist is usually established at an early age, it can be tough to shake. While dental anxiety can be a lifelong problem,┬áit doesn’t have to be. Our goal is help our patients reach a point of comfort with their dental care, and even look forward to upcoming appointments and treatment. Read on for a guide to ridding yourself of dentistry-related fear, and calming your nerves for good.

Steps Toward Ending Dental Fear

  1. Do some research. Read up on what happens during dental exams and procedures to be able to anticipate the steps. You’ll feel more comfortable when you know exactly what’s coming next, and why different aspects of treatment are so important. has great patient resources.
  2. Communicate with your dentist. Forming a relationship with your dentist and the practice’s staff will make you feel more ready for your appointment. Talk to our Naperville team about any anxiety you have and we’ll find ways to help!
  3. Try sedation dentistry. In order to do so, you’ll need to find a dental practice with a sedation-oriented focus. Premier Dental Center is one such practice. Our dental sedation options range in variety and form of intake, to offer you one that makes you comfortable. Oral conscious sedation is taken prior to treatment, so that you feel relaxed by the time you’re in the dental chair. Nitrous oxide is inhaled for the duration of treatment and induces a sense of calm. No matter your form of sedation, when paired with anesthesia, it will have you feeling anxiety-free. Undergoing comfortable dental experiences will help you form a positive association with future treatment.

Scheduling Your Next Anxiety-Free Dental Appointment

Contact Premier Dental online or at (630) 355-3339!

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