Leave Anxiety Behind & Start Loving The Dentist’s Office
September 15, 2016

happy woman showing approving hand gesture feeling good about the dentist's officeHow did you feel when your last dental exam rolled around? If you struggled to get into your care and drive to the office, you’re not alone. Dental anxiety is a widespread problem that affects patients of all ages – and for some, it’s been with them since a young age. But it’s possible to make your fear of the office a thing of the past. The first step? Building some positive experiences that show you what’s really possible.

We want you to feel right at home in our office, and when your heart’s racing and you’re dreading your appointment, that comfort’s never going to take hold. Instead, try some of the steps we’ve listed below to get a new lease on your dental care. If you’re ever uncertain about an aspect of your exam, procedure, or oral health, please let us know. We’re here to help, and we’re no strangers to dental anxiety.

 How to Get Comfortable with Your Dental Care

  • Voice your concerns – The sooner we know you’re nervous, the more helpful we can be. We’ll offer sedation and talk you through the steps of your procedure. If there’s a specific component of treatment that has you a little freaked out, we might be able to assuage your worries by telling you what the experience will really be like. Taking action today will improve your anxiety by your next dental procedure – and ongoing effort will get you feeling more and more like yourself while in the office. We know that communicating fears can be intimidating. But dental anxiety is so universal that you should never feel ashamed – you’re surrounded by a community that can help you.
  • The right dental office should feel comforting and soothing. Crowded facilities and dated equipment will only heighten your anxiety. Find a practice with a friendly and communicative staff. If you’re looking for a new provider, checking out testimonials ahead of time will expose you to the reality of what being a patient there is really like (for better or for worse).
  • Get to know your hygienist and dentist – We love building relationships with our patients. When you genuinely like the dental professionals you’ll be seeing 2x a year, those visits are much more pleasant. We’re normal people, just like you – there’s nothing to fear!
  • Ask about sedation – Dental sedation has helped even incredibly fearful patients take big strides forward. Sedation slows your central nervous system to prevent your heart from racing, the rise of adrenaline, and other anxious responses. It also encourages a hazy memory of dental procedures, which enables patients struggling with bad memories to form new, positive associations. There’s a form of sedation that will fit your needs, and Dr. Zymantas will help you find it.
  • Tell us about your dental past – If there is a painful or nerve-wracking procedure lurking in your memories, telling us will help it fade. You’ll not only talk through some of your fears, but give us clues as to how to make your present treatment more soothing.

Don’t spend another exam in terror. Get in touch today to start making a change.

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