Ensuring Dental Implant Success
September 29, 2014

Naperville dental implantsSo: you’re thinking about Naperville dental implants. You know that the process is going to be something of a commitment, so you want your implants to last as long as possible – and support a beautiful, healthy smile. While there are always a few factors out of your control, there are also ways you can help make successful implants more likely.

Dental implants have a very high success rate – as high as 98%. But the way that you prepare for, care for, and follow up on your implants will dictate just how long they’re successful for. The best implant cases are the permanent ones – the cases in which patients enjoy their implants for the rest of their lives, without needing follow-up surgery or replacements.

What are the big secrets behind implant satisfaction? We’ve got a few tips below to help you get on the appropriate track.

Taking the Right Preparatory Steps

If you’ve had an implant consultation, then Dr. Zymantas may have discussed your need for a bone graft. Ensuring that your jaw offers adequate bone density is the number one way to plan for implant success. Your dental implants need a certain amount of bone in order to integrate properly. If you’ve lost bone mass since losing teeth, then a bone graft will build things back up.

In addition to ensuring healthy bone, we’ll need to make sure that you don’t have any cavities, or gum disease. Infection in the mouth could lead to complications during or after surgery, and cause implants to ultimately fail. We’ll remove and fill cavities, and offer periodontal treatment. Once your mouth is cleared for implant placement, you’ll know that everything is healthy and ready to go.

The Implant Healing Period

Naperville dental implants
Say yes to naps!

Premier Dental offers several types of dental implants, not all of which require the standard healing process. If you’ve read about immediate load implants before, then you’re probably interested in this expedited process. With these same-day implants and restorations, you don’t have to spend time without your final crowns in place.

That said Рeven immediate load implants require healing time. The difference with same-day implants is that their accompanying restorations are engineered to protect the implants from bite force. Your titanium implants need time to connect with the jaw bone Рwithout being disturbed by chewing and biting.

Most implant cases require between two and four months for healing to complete. During this time, you can take a few precautions to make sure the process goes smoothly.

  • Get plenty of rest – Sleep is how your body renews itself, and it’s especially important during the healing process. After surgery or an illness, you can benefit from a little more rest than usual. Give in to a few naps, and make sure you’re treating yourself right.
  • Follow Dr. Zymantas’ instructions – Premier Dental will give you aftercare instructions that you should take special pains to follow. Obey the rules about eating, cleaning the area, and scheduling follow-up exams. We’ll want to keep an eye on your surgical site to make sure there is infection or another complication.
  • Clean your teeth thoroughly and carefully – You should continue to brush and floss, but do so with care. We may recommend specific products (like a medicated mouthwash or water flosser) to make the process simpler.
  • Watch out for signs of problems – If something seems like it could be wrong, there’s no harm in checking in with our office.

Finding Naperville Dental Implants

Dr. Zymantas of Premier Dental is a restorative and implant expert, and has seen so many happy patients gain renewed smiles. If you’re looking for implants in the southwest Chicago suburbs, we’d love to tell you more. Simply contact us.