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Your oral health should always be a top priority. Building a superb level of health is a collaborative effort between a patient and their dental care provider. As your dentist, Dr. Kaz Zymantas strives to provide you with the tools you need to take excellent care of your teeth. Naperville residents choose Dr. Zymantas because he is a valuable, communicative ally in the battle against dental disease. Premier Dental’s team enjoys welcoming the Naperville community through its office doors.

Unfortunately, some smiles are easier to care for than others. When you’re missing single or multiple teeth, problems are more likely to arise. Prevent further damage and rebuild your grin with the aid of dental implants. Dr. Zymantas has been a Naperville restorative dentist for many years, and looks forward to assisting the area for many more.

Health Benefits of Dental Implants with Premier Dental

Dental implants are titanium screws. When placed in your jaw, they form a unique bond with the natural bone. As time passes and implants become well-integrated with your jaw bone, they begin to act as secure foundations for accompanying restorations. But that’s not all that implants accomplish. Receiving implants from our Naperville team will help your mouth in so many ways. From preventing the loss of bone density, to lowering the risk of decay and periodontal disease, to supporting a youthful facial structure, dental implants are restorative wonders.


Receiving Dental Implants in Naperville

Seeking comprehensive, attentive restoration in Naperville? Premier Dental is prepared to exceed your expectations. Because Dr. Zymantas possesses a diverse expertise, he is able to assist with every step of the planning and treatment process. You’ll need to look no further than our practice. If you’re ready to begin, schedule a consultation to learn whether implants could improve your smile and health.

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