Laser Dentist on a New Kind of Patient Experience
August 5, 2014

Naperville periodontal treatment Has a fear of dental treatment been keeping you out of the office? It could be doing more than just prolonging the time between your appointments. When you’re not getting your teeth and gums regular dental care, they have a tendency to suffer. Over time, gum disease can even take hold.

What’s the solution? Finding a form of treatment that resolves the problem without triggering your fearful feelings about dentistry. At Premier Dental, we offer LANAP, a form of laser periodontal treatment. This technology not only improves the patient experience, but may also boost the effectiveness of treatment. There’s plenty to love about LANAP – but first you need to experience it for yourself. If your gums have succumbed to disease, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How Dental Anxiety Leads to Gum Disease

Anxiety kicks off a vicious cycle. When you start feeling nervous about visiting the office, you tend to not call and schedule on time. As the months between your appointments grow, your teeth begin to show signs of neglect. Of course, careful brushing and flossing can sometimes keep disease at bay. But there are also problems that you can’t fight without professional help.

Naperville periodontal treatmentSince you’re not scheduling exams regularly, decay and gingivitis are able to take hold without your notice (they can often be symptomless, especially in early stages). As they worsen, you’re likely to start experiencing discomfort. But if your anxiety is severe, you’re likely hesitant to schedule an appointment to get the problem checked out. Patients don’t want to experience potentially painful fillings or scaling and root planing, so they hold off. In the meantime, the problems get even worse – and ultimately require more invasive treatment.

What if we told you that your periodontal treatment didn’t have to be uncomfortable? With LANAP, your teeth and gums can be cleaned of plaque and infection without causing you stress.

Seeking Periodontal Treatment That Doesn’t Trigger Anxiety

LANAP, or Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure, is a revolutionary method of gum disease treatment. During the procedure, Dr. Zymantas uses a laser to perform scaling and root planing. Laser dentistry has a significant number of benefits that make it preferable to other forms of treatment:

  • Lower pain level – Standard scaling and root planing needs to delve below the gum line in order to remove plaque from tooth roots. This requires local anesthesia, as the tools don’t fit easily into the small spaces between roots and gums. With LANAP, many patients don’t require anesthesia, and are able to recover without the aid of pain medication.
  • Faster healing time – The periodontal laser used during LANAP kills bacteria and reduces inflammation without bothering the healthy tissue surrounding it. This leads to fewer side effects, and a faster healing time.
  • Minimal gum recession – One of the unpleasant side effects of periodontal disease is the visual change that takes hold of the gum line and your smile. LANAP doesn’t actually cut the tissue at the gum line to heal disease, so it helps minimize the damage. Without making incisions, the entire procedure can be better for your gum health and appearance.
  • Reduced inflammation / bleeding – This benefit ties in to the reduced healing time that follows treatment. If you can choose better-feeling gums that bleed less post-treatment, why wouldn’t you?
  • Preserved teeth – Some research suggests that LANAP can actually help save natural teeth that have been affected by gum disease. This is our top priority as dental professionals, and one that our patients share.


LANAP in Naperville

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