Perio Protect

Naperville perio protect trays for gum disease preventionGingivitis and periodontal disease continue to affect millions of Americans – in fact, 47% of American adults have chronic gum disease. But other than improving oral hygiene, there hasn’t been a way to treat periodontal concerns at home and avoid the need for invasive treatment.

Enter Perio Protect. This system delivers medication deep below the gum line with a series of custom trays. Patients simply wear their trays for 10-15 minutes per day to gain long-term home treatment of periodontal disease. Trays are comfortable and the process is easy to fit into your daily hygiene.

By combining Perio Protect with routine dental exams, patients are better able to avoid advanced gum disease. This means preventing the need for multiple scaling procedures, surgery, and other more invasive measures for treating periodontal disease.

How Does Perio Protect Work?

Each patient receives a customized Perio Tray that contains an internal seal. This seal helps place medication below the gums, where toothbrush, floss and mouthwash can’t reach. The medication helps break the cycle that leads to recurring gum disease, in a process detailed below.

  1. The reason periodontal disease can be difficult to manage is because the bacteria responsible often recolonize the gums.
  2. Routine scaling and planing can remove some bacteria, but those that linger may allow disease to persist.
  3. The Perio Tray holds medication beneath the gums long enough to disrupt bacterial communities.
  4. When combined with regular oral hygiene and routine dental exams, Perio Tray helps prevent bacteria buildup and keep bacteria from spreading.

There is also some evidence that oral bacteria control may contribute to overall health. Oral bacteria related to periodontal disease may impact other conditions like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and more.

How Perio Protect Changes the Patient Experience

Patients appreciate the ease of use, comfort of the trays, and the ongoing improvement to their periodontal health. Patient testimonials include these highlights:

  • “Within a few weeks of using the medicine, I stopped having bleeding gums. My breath was fresher…I felt like my mouth was just fresher.”
  • “The trays are easy to use, they’re effective…And if you use it daily, it means your mouth feels better every day”
  • “My gums are healthier, redder-looking, and they’re not receding anymore”

If you have chronic periodontal disease, you are a prime candidate for Perio Protect. All you need to do to learn more is ask Dr. Zymantas about this medication at your next dental exam. Take this step to improve your health and protect your gums for years to come – it’s as simple as a set of trays.