You Should Replace Missing Teeth ASAP
May 12, 2016

replace missing teeth NapervilleHiding from a missing tooth? You’re not alone. Many patients already feel traumatized at the point of tooth loss, especially if it’s a result of advanced decay or gum disease. But pursuing dental treatment today will help you prevent additional discomfort and stress down the line. The sooner you replace a missing tooth, the sooner you’re able to benefit from a full smile again. And the benefits extend beyond what you might imagine.

It’s time to rebuild and restore, and get smiling again. If you’re missing a tooth and seeking effective restoration, just get in touch to schedule a consultation. Whether you’re missing a tooth or not, this could happen to you one day – so read on for some advice on why finding restorative care (right away) is the right decision.

What You Gain from Prompt Tooth Restoration

  • Prevention of bone loss – While our bones might seem impenetrable, they’re subject to aging and loss of osseous tissue. And tooth loss accelerates that process. Without a tooth root in place to stimulate the surrounding jaw bone, tissue resorbs, dissolving into the bloodstream. Placing a dental implant will recreate the lost structure and help keep the jaw whole.
  • Preserved facial structure – With tooth loss (and bone loss) comes changes in appearance. Your cheeks may look hollow, and advanced bone loss will cause your overall facial structure to change. This leads to premature aging and a loss in self-esteem. Restorations will help build out your smile and create a new scaffolding beneath your skin.
  • Lowered risk of decay or gum disease – Bacteria is always looking for a home, and we’re constantly fighting plaque buildup. A space left in your smile is a welcome place for plaque buildup, and heightens your risk of disease. It’s also more difficult to adequately clean the area without a tooth in place. Rebuilding a missing tooth not only resolves the problem that led to the loss, but helps prevent against future issues.
  • Boost in happiness and confidence – Your smile represents you. Each time you meet someone new, you have a moment when you size one another up. If you’re hiding a missing tooth and shielding your smile, you don’t have the same impact as someone ready to share their teeth with the world. It’s time that you regain your big grin.
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