Rebuilding Your Smile, Post-Gum Disease
December 14, 2014

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Gum disease can take a serious toll on our teeth. Even after the immediate problems have been resolved, the smile remains changed. Whether your gum tissue has pulled away from the teeth, dark triangles are showing between your teeth, or your gums are still looking puffy and discolored, you’re probably hesitant to show your smile – and wondering, what’s the next step?

Premier Dental makes it possible for our patients to regain health and happiness after their gums have been affected by disease. With the variety of specialized treatment options available at our Naperville practice, there’s something that’s right for you. Just get in touch to learn more about post-disease care and long-term healing.

Life after Gum Disease

gum disease treatment NapervilleUnfortunately, once you’ve experienced gum disease, you’re more likely to see its return at some point. It’s incredibly important that you stay on the offensive. Take note of what your teeth are telling you, and react quickly to changes at the gum line that might indicate gingivitis or infection.

In addition to home preventive care, there are measures available in the office to help heal your smile.

  • Antibiotic treatment – Antibiotics can help treat disease at the gum line that might not be accessible with dental tools, and ensure your bout with periodontitis has fully ended.
  • Gum grafts – If you’ve lost tissue at the gum line, your tooth roots may be exposed and sensitive. This yellows your smile and makes daily twinges more common. Soft tissue grafts take healthy gum tissue from elsewhere in the mouth, and attach it to the area affected by disease.
  • LANAP – Laser periodontal treatment may help regenerate healthy tissue, leading to the gums reattaching to the teeth and rebuilding your smile.

Staying on Top of Disease Prevention

After periodontal disease, you’ll probably need to visit the office more often. This way, Dr. Zymantas can monitor your gums and make sure everything’s looking good. Is it time to schedule your next exam? Get in touch online, or call us at (630) 355-3339.

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