Outsmart The Easter Bunny With These Tooth-Friendly Basket Ideas
April 7, 2019
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eggs in an easter basket for tooth healthy treats

Every year, millions of kids wake up on Easter Sunday and search for a special basket filled with the most sugar they’ve seen since Halloween. It’s easy to say “just this once,” but large amounts of sugar on holidays can cause more harm than you realize. Even just having one piece of candy can cause taste buds to crave more of it in the following days and weeks.

Instead of filling your children’s Easter baskets with sticky sweet treats, try some of these alternative ideas to keep the sugar levels to a minimum this year.


Spring Garden Supplies

Children love to dig in the dirt and spring is the optimal time to plant a garden. So fill their baskets with gardening tools. Make sure you include a small gardening spade and an assortment of seeds. Include pots if you lack suitable yard space. You can plant just about anything, from fresh vegetables to colorful flowers. Months later, you and your child will have the pleasure of watching young buds spring up from the ground.

Egg-Shaped Chalk

Add a creative element to your Easter baskets by including a carton of pastel-colored sidewalk chalk. This fun egg-shaped chalk is sure to be just the thing to keep the artist in your family entertained.

Art Supplies

Items like crayons, Playdoh, paint, paintbrushes, and colorful construction paper all make for great Easter basket additions. Not only do art supplies give children a chance to be creative, but it will also keep them busy for an hour or two.

Themed Books

Who can pass up the opportunity to give the gift of reading and learning? Keep books themed with Easter or bunnies as the subject, or better yet, give a book with a dental theme! Make giving each child a new book an annual tradition and watch your holiday-themed book collection begin to grow.

Sugar-Free Gum

Chewing gum can help to prevent tooth decay, as long as you choose a sugarless gum. Chewing gum causes your mouth to produce more saliva, which helps to neutralize and rinse away some of the acids that form in your mouth when you break down food. The minerals generated by the additional saliva can even help to strengthen your tooth enamel. When looking for the perfect sugar-free gum for your Easter baskets, look for gum that contains Xylitol which has been proven to help reduce cavities.

Bath Bombs

Fizzy bath bombs are the perfect way to get anyone excited about bath time. Magically transform your child’s bathwater into different colors and relaxing scents. Follow these instructions to make your own egg-shaped bath bombs, or pick up some already-made bath bombs at your local drugstore.

Tooth-Friendly Items

One of the easiest ways of giving your Easter baskets a tooth-friendly boost is by stocking up on some dental health care products. Your kids are sure to love fun flavors of toothpaste, a sparkly new toothbrush, or even better, an upgraded electric toothbrush. Is your child going to play any spring sports? A custom-made mouthguard could be the perfect addition to any teen’s Easter basket.

Most Importantly: Choose Candy Wisely

If you are going to decide to include candy in your Easter eggs and inside your Easter baskets, make sure to choose your candy wisely. Opt for sweet treats that melt away quickly and don’t stick to the teeth. Chocolate is one of the best treats for your teeth because it is easily washed away by water and saliva.

The worst easter candies for your teeth are:

  • Jelly beans
  • Marshmallow Peeps
  • Lollipops
  • Hard candies
  • Gummy candies
  • Caramels
  • Cream-filled chocolate eggs
  • Anything sticky

Easter Basket Bonus Items

Still looking for some Easter basket inspiration? Don’t forget to put in appointment cards for teeth cleanings with Premier Dental Center! Call today to schedule your post-celebratory appointments and share any other tooth-friendly basket ideas with us!


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