Top Oral Health Mistakes Adults Make
January 25, 2018

woman covering her mouth

As an adult, you’ve logged a lot of hours into brushing and flossing your teeth throughout your life. Practice makes perfect, and there is no doubt that you know exactly how to take perfect care of your teeth. Right?

There are many mistakes even adults make when it comes to proper oral care of their teeth and gums, and you should be freshening up on your dental knowledge often to keep up with changing facts and technology. Make sure you’re not falling prey to the mistakes below.


Skipping the Dentist Because Your Teeth Feel Fine

Even if you take excellent care of your teeth, brush and floss twice a day, and have no apparent symptoms that anything might be wrong, you should still make the time to schedule regular check-ups with your dentist twice a year for:

Professional Cleanings – Stubborn plaque and tartar buildup can only be completely removed by a dental hygienist with the proper tools. Even regular brushing and flossing can’t reach every space in your mouth and getting your teeth regularly cleaned will prevent tooth decay and other potential issues that you just cannot fully prevent at home.

Regular Exams – No symptoms doesn’t always mean no problems. If you wait to visit your dentist until you’re experiencing pain and discomfort, you may be experiencing a problem that could have been much smaller and more easily treatable, that your dentist could have caught early at an exam. Taking basic steps will help to keep your mouth as healthy as possible with preventative treatments.


Using a Mouthrinse To Avoid Flossing

Even people who are extremely diligent about brushing their teeth and using a mouthrinse still need to be flossing. Cleaning your teeth with floss is an essential step for removing plaque from between your teeth and preventing cavities and gum disease.

Flossing only adds another minute or two to your home dental regimen, and creating a habit of flossing is easy to do when you commit.

Not Properly Brushing

Using too much force when you brush or using a toothbrush with hard bristles can cause real damage to your tooth enamel and your gum line. Remember to always use a soft bristled toothbrush and use gentle motions when brushing your teeth. Use caution when brushing along the gum line and be mindful of the sensitive tissue.

Reaching For the Wrong Mouthrinse

Choosing the right mouthwash for your dental needs is just as important as using a rinse in general.


A cosmetic rinse will merely control bad breath (temporarily) and leave you with a pleasant taste in your mouth.


With ingredients like antimicrobial agents and fluoride, using a therapeutic rinse can actually help reduce gingivitis, prevent cavities, reduce plaque build-up, and help treat the causes of bad breath.


Using a rinse with an alcohol base can be harsh on your teeth and gums.

Check with your dentist on which type of mouth rinse they recommend you use for your specific oral routine.


Don’t Fall into These Tooth-Destroying Traps

There are plenty of fad diets and misinformation out there on what is healthy and what’s not. Just because something seems healthy for your body doesn’t make it completely safe.


Everyone loves juicing these days, whether it’s homemade juice or from a bottle you would pick up at Whole Foods. While they may be packed with vitamins and other nutrients, fresh juices also bathe your teeth with harmful ingredients like enamel-destroying citrus acids and sugar. If you’re going to juice, do everything you can to protect your teeth by using a straw, drinking the juice quickly to prevent the juice from sitting on your teeth for a long period, rinsing your mouth with water and brushing your teeth after you’ve finished.


Really think about the type of foods you’re consuming on a diet plan. If they’re coming from the frozen aisle, chances are they’re full of starches, preservatives and sugar. Consuming items like protein bars is also damaging to your teeth because these bars are often sweetened for taste with sugar and stick to your teeth while chewing. Fresh is best when it comes to your overall health for your body and your teeth.

Schedule a check-up with Premier Dental Center and ask us how your oral care routine stands up to your adult habits.