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How Do You Feel in the Dentist’s Office?

Do you dread the days to come when you have a dental appointment on the schedule? This isn’t abnormal. While every anxious patient has their own reasons for fearing the office, they all experience nerves and discomfort when faced with the dental chair. But while past dental experiences might have played a role in the formation of anxiety, future dental experiences can actually help assuage that same anxiety.

Westmont sedation dentistry at Premier Dental will show you an entirely new side of dental care. With soothing treatment, appropriate sedation, and open communication, you’ll find yourself free of nerves and ready to embrace your dental treatment.

You are unique, and there’s a certain type of sedation that’s right for you. When you let us know that you would like to pursue sedation for your next appointment, Dr. Kaz and our staff will talk with you to get a better idea of your needs and the direction we should take your treatment.

Westmont Sedation Dentistry Curbs Dental Anxiety

Westmont sedation dentistry

If you’ve spent your whole life dealing with dental anxiety, the situation probably feels a little hopeless. We can help change that. Trying a new kind of dental experience is the right step toward an improved mindset. Not only will we discuss every step of your treatment with you prior to getting started, we will provide the type of sedation that fits your anxiety level.

Many of our patients have found happiness with oral conscious sedation.┬áDr. Kaz prescribes an anti-anxiety medication prior to the treatment date, and patients take the pill before heading over to the office. By the time they’re in the dental chair, they feel relaxed and well-prepared. Remember: if you receive oral conscious sedation (or any other form), you will need a friend or family member to drive you to and from the office.

Hoping to set up sedation for your next appointment? Just get in touch.

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