When Teeth Whitening is The Perfect Treatment
February 14, 2017

If your smile is looking a little under the weather, you’ve likely been browsing cosmetic options online. Don’t get distracted by the dozens of options. While many dental treatments offer dramatic results, you might be overlooking a simple treatment with more benefits than you’d expect. Teeth whitening unleashes the full power of your smile, and it accomplishes this without anesthesia, drilling, or multiple appointments. Whitening has long been the most popular cosmetic dental treatment, and it’s easy to see why – it offers affordability and patient satisfaction.

Unsure whether whitening is right for your teeth? Browse our infographic to get answers to some of the top whitening questions. If you’re still left wondering, be sure to get in touch with our front desk. Below the graphic, you’ll find a discussion on other cosmetic treatments compared to whitening so that you can better decide on your ultimate path.

What You Should Know Before Whitening


How Teeth Whitening Compares to Other Cosmetic Treatments

There are many pros and cons in considering whitening vs. more involved options like porcelain veneers or dental bonding, and it’s important to remember the following:

  • Whitening won’t work on every type of stain – Whitening is effective on extrinsic stains, which are in the enamel itself and lodged in its porous surface. There are other types of tooth stains that won’t be impacted. These intrinsic stains typically form during tooth development, and are due to certain medications or to trauma. If you have intrinsic staining, you should not try whitening as it will not be effective. Your dentist will recommend the appropriate treatment path.
  • Your teeth may be too sensitive to whiten – If your enamel has eroded, you may experience sharp twinges when you try to whiten your teeth. All hope isn’t lost – fluoride treatment or the use of fluoride toothpaste may make whitening possible. But if you have a problem with grinding and your enamel is severely worn, it might be time to cover stains and rebuild with bonding or veneers (or even crowns). If your tooth roots are exposed and yellowing your smile, these sensitive areas will also benefit from bonding/veneers over whitening.


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