Top 5 Reasons Patients Choose Tooth Implants
February 11, 2016

Naperville tooth implantsDental implants have helped so many of our patients – but are they right for you? Setting up a consultation with Dr. Zymantas is the only way to know for sure, but you can do some research at home before your appointment. Implants are so unique, and they really stand apart from other dental restorations. The benefits speak for themselves – keep reading to see whether they speak to you.

Why Dental Implants Wow

  • They last – for life: After your implants are placed, there’s a crucial healing period. During this time, your implants need to be left alone and undisturbed. They will integrate with your natural jaw bone, forming a bond with your osseous tissue. If this bond is formed successfully, the implants will go on to stay with you for decades, and even the rest of your life. The key is proper healing and ongoing care (good oral hygiene and routine exams).
  • Return function to your teeth: When you’re missing one or more teeth, daily activities you once took for granted become monumental tasks. Chewing, speaking, biting, and smiling are awkward, uncomfortable, and even make you feel self-conscious. Implants help restorations behave like natural teeth, changing everything about life after tooth loss.
  • Boost your confidence: Your smile is an important part of you – it helps dictate your confidence level. Of course, the exterior isn’t everything, but your teeth help you communicate and connect with other people. When you don’t love your smile, you tend to hide them. This robs you of deepening relationships and can make you seem like a less friendly person. Once implants have helped rebuild you smile, you’ll be back to your confident self – and you won’t have to worry about your dentures/partials looking anything other than natural.
  • Protect your bone structure: Since implants connect with your bone tissue, they support your existing bone structure. Tooth loss tends to lead to loss of bone density, since the tissue in the area is no longer connected to a tooth root. But implants help prevent that. This preserves your facial structure and can actually protect your youthful appearance.
  • Can be paired with any restoration: If you already have dentures that just don’t impress you, placing implants will allow you to transform their performance level. Slipping, clicking, or loose dentures gain stability when implants anchor them to the gum line. And dentures are far from the only restoration that works with implants – they support single crowns, bridges, and partials.
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